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Commercial Roofing

We are based in Los Angeles county but we do undertake commercial roofing tasks over a wide area in California. Our team comprises of true professionals with extensive experience along with the necessary skills to handle all sorts of roofing needs across industries. From a small single business enterprise to a huge corporate building, no roof is impossible to install when you have us to cater to your demand.

However, we also take care of roof repairs and re-roofing along with total roof replacement projects as and when required. Our licensed work force is insured too thus lessening your worries about health & safety measures. AAA Expert Roofing has maintained its reputation for over two decades without failing to satisfy its clients even once.

Finding water seeping into your interiors or dripping on your pristine floors is likely to shock you. You would be jolted into taking adequate action, however, and get on the phone trying to contact a roof repairing company at the earliest. Do not leave the repairs pending for so long though. Get in touch with us when you suspect something not quite okay with your roof. We, at AAA Expert Roofing are the best roof leak specialists across Los Angeles and not without a reason though.

Residential Roofing

Strengthening the roof is our forte with our skills remaining undiminished for more than a decade. We bring our expertise to the table to find the right solution for your roof problems. Whether you need to have the shingles replaced or a leak fixed, AAA Expert Roofing will be there to offer the tried and tested solutions to you. We won’t disappoint you when the time comes to replace your old roof either. We have been hailed by our clients for our dependability and quality materials that ensure a longer life for the roof.

Our modest rates have kept our clients enthused in Los Angeles and beyond making us a trusted name when it concerns roofing.

No worries! Trust AAA Expert Roofing for uncovering the weak areas that require urgent attention. That includes not only your roof but also the gutter. Fear not, we have the right equipment to remove the accumulated dirt and debris totally from the gutter that begins to attain an intensely clean look after our able team is done with this simple yet laborious task.

24X7 Emergency Roofing Repairs At Your Behest

There is nothing that can beat nature. We understand the importance of a sudden disaster that can cause your roof to be damaged extensively and within minutes. Do not wait for a good hour to call us when you are hit by a thunder storm or have a good part of your roof damaged by fire. A tree may fall on it suddenly while an animal may choose to slide the shingles away from its original place many a time too. We understand your need of the hour and will rush to attend to your needs, taking care to provide you with the right fix on an emergency basis.

We know that you count on us during an emergency. That is why we have our team rushed to your premises. The only thing you have to do is to give us a call. We will be there through rain, sunshine, and snow. Yes! We work on weekends too!

You can expect the very best repairs and other services pertaining to your roofing necessities once the skilled roofers from AAA Expert Roofing take over. Every member of our team is experienced enough to detect the issues and solve it totally without inconveniencing you in the least. No matter whether you want to fix the leaky areas or opt for a handful of new shingles, the experts will do the needful without causing you any distress especially when you need to take care of other areas in the aftermath of a particularly bad storm.

Sure, we understand that your home is a place where you attain comfort but having to go through a stormy weather with heavy rains lashing your roof and winds reaching unprecedented speeds will not help you to enjoy your life anymore. No worries! AAA Expert Roofing will be there within an instant of making the call. We will assist you in plugging the gaping holes left behind in the wake of a thunderstorm or hail by means of tarping the weak points as a temporary stopgap while we initiate the process of making the required repairs.

It would not do to jump right into repairing though. AAA Expert Roofing pros understands the need of accessing the extent of damage properly before starting work that will help in restoring your home to its former glory. The inspection will be totally gratis as will the estimate that you receive from us. Do feel free to contemplate on the expenses involved to repair or replace your roof once you know the actual process that we will undertake. So, do take your time while we have a temporary fix in place, the actual repairs will take place once you get some semblance of normalcy back in your life again.

It might not be a simple matter of replacing a shingle or two always though. Fret not; we will handle every repair required and attend to the underlayment along with the flashings as well as the gutters before we make certain that the gables and eaves are capable of holding your roof together. Rest assured that it will not seem like a work done in haste affecting your curb appeal adversely. On the contrary, your home is likely to take on a brand new appearance courtesy its newly replaced roof thereby giving you reason to forget the bad storm that wrecked havoc on your home not so long ago.

Do not wait for the next storm or a fire to break out. Reinforce the roof well in advance and ensure your peace of mind thereby cock a snook at the weather Gods courtesy AAA Expert Roofing.

New Construction Roof installations

Building a home from scratch is no doubt exciting but do not leave your roof until the very last. Get in touch with us instead and ask for a free estimate that will give you reason to shelter your rooms at the earliest. The AAA Expert Roofing team is known for its skills and professionalism while installing a brand new roof that will make a newly constructed building take shape. We will work together with the other construction workers on the site bringing honesty, integrity and prowess to take care of roof installations.

Our team is licensed and insured with long years of experience backing it up. We are open to any challenge and have installed asphalts, metal, and flat roofs with no trouble at all. We are determined to meet your deadline no matter how tight it is and will install the best roof for you at cost effective rates.

Sure, you may find hundreds of roofing companies proclaiming themselves as experts of the trade. You will only come to grief if you resort to hire the biggest braggers in town, however. Remember, that AAA Expert Roofing will not keep the leakages alive, charging you over and over again for little or no repairs done. We do not believe in false promises and will make sure to plug every leak no matter how tiny it might be.

Do not be appalled to find a team of two approaching your roof for making the repairs though. The father & son duo at the heart of AAA Expert Roofing will work in tandem complimenting each other superbly while your problems vanish without a trace speedily. Finding the leaky areas and stopping the water from passing through happens to be our primary focus when you decide to engage us to provide satisfactory solutions.

Cool roof installations

We are determined to help you no matter what and installing a cool roof for you is definitely high on our agenda. We will not only succeed in reducing the carbon footprints by this move but installation of a cool roof will also enable you to save energy big time.

Remember that the roof that we will install for you will not absorb too much of heat thereby keeping your interiors cool even when the outside temperature is at an all time high. Your air conditioner unit will not have to be switched on constantly therefore. The result? Your electricity bills come down sharply. A cool roof equates low utility costs making it a complete win-win.

Drying it will definitely take a bit of time but we, at AAA Expert Roofing will not hesitate to give it the real time required. A second and then a third test is then conducted in your presence to prove that the leak has been plugged well and truly. Forget contacting us once again to attend to the same leak as we guarantee 100% satisfaction no matter how big the leak happens to be.

Sure, we provide a warranty for 10 years for our labor but you are welcome to ask for a lifetime warranty on a number of additional services including designing, material supply and installation of a brand new roof.

Remember that AAA Expert Roofing has been at it for 25 long years with no complaints whatsoever. We stand by our promises and will not waste your precious time and ours by dilly-dallying. Your leaky roof will be as good as new within the stipulated time allowing you to enjoy living in your comfortable home for many more years without touching a finger to your roof.


We Re Roof according to the following process. First, we tear off your existing roofing material down to the wood decking. Next, after we ensure sound decking material, we re nail the decking to meet or exceed California current building code, then we dry it in and affix the roofing material you have selected. We work diligently to execute repairs and reroofs in a timely fashion with as

Living with a cracked and damaged roof for years is certainly not advisable. Approaching AAA Expert Roofing would definitely be a wise move on your part for we provide the best solution when it comes to protecting your property via our roofing techniques. Quick fixes on an intensively damaged and worn out roof will not do either. It is the right time to opt for a total re-roofing!

While many of our compatriots will place new material over your existing roof; we do not believe in taking the easy way out. On the contrary, we will tear out the damaged materials completely and put up the right decking in accordance with the building code of California. Your new roof will be in place at the earliest with the material of your choice too. Your worries are out to rest totally once we tackle your roofing problems while the re-roofing will be done by us without exceeding your budget.

Gutter Cleaning Matters Too!

If you are looking for who provides good client service for selling and installing seamless rain gutters contact AAA Expert Roofing & Gutters We know a lot about rain gutters, at Los Angeles.

You may not always notice the gutters within your property. However, it performs a serious job of keeping away the water, debris plus dirt from your home thereby protecting it through rain, moisture, and snow. Do not forget to take the hint when there are tell-tale indications of trouble with your gutters. Trust us to help you with gutter replacement as well as installation when your gutter stops functioning.

We will ensure that the shape of your gutter remains intact and there is absolutely no leakage evident once we install a new one. The rusted covers of the gutters will be replaced with quality material as well while there is no overflowing water that gets to the structure of your home weakening it in the process.

Sure! We at AAA Expert Roofing understand your reluctance to talk about something like gutters and want to turn the topic onto more pleasant ones. Well, you certainly can have your way when the gutters in your home happen to be well maintained. However, a gutter that is not been cleaned since the day you bought your home can definitely pose a challenge.

The underlying foundation of your home along with the expansive roof and walls can become weakened when you chose to turn a blind eye to the gutter. It would help you to get in touch with us at the earliest however, especially when you notice the gutter clogged with debris and dirt thereby causing the water to fall from the roof into your basement causing water logging. The water, if trapped for an indefinite period may soon erode the foundation of your home and result in several cracks appearing on the walls.

It makes sense therefore to give us a call as soon as you can so that our professional team can attend to the task of gutter cleaning promptly. Simply letting the debris pile up and affect the flashing in time would be foolhardy on your part. Yes! We know that you may not be well versed of the dangers of an overfilled gutter thereby failing to notice it in time.

No worries! Trust AAA Expert Roofing for uncovering the weak areas that require urgent attention. That includes not only your roof but also the gutter. Fear not, we have the right equipment to remove the accumulated dirt and debris totally from the gutter that begins to attain an intensely clean look after our able team is done with this simple yet laborious task.

You do not have to be worried about the team members breaking the gutter or damaging any other portion of your home while attempting to clean the gutter either. Remember that AAA Expert Roofing is not only an expert at repairing or replacing roofs but can also take on the role of a gutter specialist as per the demand of the situation.

Tile roof

Having a tiled roof is sure to be a hit in your neighborhood. However, you do need to go for the best ones in order to ensure a great ROI. We will be sure to install a classic tiled roof that is not only durable but will enhance the aesthetics of your property. You do not have to opt for traditional clay or slate tiles anymore though. The hot weather of California makes it necessary to choose the modern tiles that are manufactured out of concrete. AAA Expert Roofing understands your need and is adept at matching the tiles to the design of your home so that the roof complements your home most exemplarily.

We will take care to see that the tiled roof is not too heavy to come crashing down nor will it be overtly expensive. Instead, revel in the magnificent roof that is sure to remain as good as new for years afterwards adding to the value of your home substantially.

Yes! We have both the expertise as well as the experience for taking good care of your roofing problems. We are not complacent about our work though and make every effort to stay abreast of the new technologies in roofing thereby upgrading our skills regularly. You will thus find no cause for complaint once you decide to hire our services. From meeting the deadline to adhering to quality and more AAA Expert Roofing will not let you down ever. And that’s a promise!

Shingles roof

Whether you want to repair the damaged shingles on your roof or want the new roofing to be made of asphalt shingles, look no further than AAA Expert Roofing. We will cater to your every need by employing the best shingles in the market today. Our team has the required skills to use the right overlay as well depending on the type of shingles apt for the roofing needs.

There is an enormous diversity in the world of shingles today with each one having their share of pros and cons. Do not waste time trying to figure out the one that will work perfectly for you, however. Turn to us for guidance as we will provide you with an informed estimation after undertaking a free inspection for you.

We focus on the roof predominantly no matter whether it happens to be a commercial or residential building. In fact, AAA Expert Roofing operates with the assistance of a highly skilled professional team that has the required expertise to handle just about any sort of commercial roofing project. Yes! We are true professionals but not at the cost of a relationship. Our clients are therefore not afraid to voice their concerns and benefit by having their problems addressed quickly and effectively each time.

Do not wait for days before giving us a call though. Our team will be at your building within hours and will inspect your roof closely. No worries! We will definitely not charge you for inspecting or estimates while the actual work will be charged reasonably whether you want to opt for a total re-roofing for your establishment or are content to settle for extensive repairs.

Flat roof

A sloping roof is the picture that you have in mind when thinking of a home. However, you may consider installing a flat roof when you need to maximize the space on your roof. This type of roof works wonders for the modern commercial buildings as well. However, the residents of Los Angeles have no qualms in contacting AAA Expert Roofing when they require using every inch of the roof for diverse purposes.

Sure, there is a belief that the flat roofs will not be able to withstand the pressure of water when there is a downpour. We negate this possibility by making use of the latest roofing materials that do not allow water logging or heat up the interiors during the harsh summer months. You will be able to enjoy putting up all kinds of panels and dish antennas up on the roof and even consider building a spectacular roof garden to enhance the aesthetics with us by your side.

We will not only do a thorough checking and maintain the roof at your behest but will also keep you informed about the hazards that you may put you back financially if you remain ignorant of them. Sure, there are other roofers operating in the same market and will be able to repair your roof too. However, it is AAA Expert Roofing that will keep you smiling through sunshine, rain, and hail.

We have walked a long way since 1992 and hope to go on for decades. Do ask us for a quote once you are convinced that your roof requires the intervention of an expert and we will be there to take over the responsibility from you.

Metal roof

Installing a metal roof with the assistance of AAA Expert Roofing is truly cost effective. While you may harbor doubts about its efficacy, we promise to dispel all your fears by providing you with the required information and solving problems of maintenance and longevity of your roof at one go. True, there are a lot of materials to consider when you think of metal but we will not give you anything but the best ones whether it happens to be zinc, copper or galvanized steel totally suited to your purposes.

Our team will be able to handle the installation perfectly causing your metal roof to keep your interiors shielded whether you have a blazing summer or have to contend with a thunderstorm. No! Your cell phone signal will not be affected when we install the metal roofing for you nor should you worry about the noisy pelter of rain and hail as we will ensure to protect you by utilizing heavy-textural folds in the roofing system that adheres to the ‘International Building Code.’

You can be sure of obtaining the bet re-roofing possible for the commercial building that you own thus ensuring a good return on your investment. We would be glad to offer you a regular maintenance service as well so that you do not have to face an unpleasant surprise when your roof begins to sag suddenly.

Our professional team is licensed to work in Los Angeles and comes insured so that you are not held liable for a workman’s compensation suit ever. Sure, we deal with concrete roofs but those made out of asphalt, metal or tiles are not beyond our ken either.

Do You Need To Repair Your Roof? Ask For A Free Roof Inspection And Get The Answer!

Repairing or replacing your roof can be expensive. Spending a few minutes every six months looking closely at your roof can help you identify roof maintenance opportunities that will help prevent costly repairs later.

A roof happens to be the best protection for your home as well as your office. Sure, the designs can differ sharply depending on the locality, the purpose as well as the affordability but the importance of a proper roof cannot be undermined ever.

It would definitely be important to get up on the top of your building and review the roof regularly while enjoying the view from above. Remember that a faulty roof might cause you much grief if you choose to turn a blind eye. Here are a few tell-tale signs that indicate you must do something about your roof ASAP.

  • Your ceilings show damp patches and the walls have begin to reveal ungainly blisters.

  • Flashings are strips of metal that are installed at the junction of the roof and another surface in order to prevent seepage of water. Your brain should ring the alarm bells once you find the strips torn away.

  • Damaged shingles or missing of one or more of them from your roof indicates that it is time for a roof repair

  • The overhanging part of your roof or the eaves seem to be sagging

  • The underlying bricks are stained with water and your paint from the top part of your interior walls near the roof is peeling off

Do not let another rainy season go by without contacting us at AAA Expert Roofing for we understand how to keep you protected through sun, rain, and hail. We will review it for you and provide you with timely tips to keep the roof over your head intact.

Putting it away will only perpetrate the problems leaving you with a leaky roof that can collapse with time. Trust the experts of roofing instead to help you with a free inspection in order to identify the problem areas. Our professional team will be able to check out the possibilities and keep you updated without allowing you to break your budget when it is time to repair the roof extensively or replace it totally.

You might take a lot of pride in your newly acquired home without sparing a thought for the roof. Unfortunately, it is the same roof that can sport leaks and become damaged after a few years down the road causing the valuation of your home to be affected adversely.

Do rise up at the earliest and grab the opportunity of availing a free roof inspection from AAA expert roofing in order to locate the hazards and obtain an affordable quote for roof repairs & replacement. Let the real experts take over and inspect your roof closely for tell-tale signs of trouble brewing thus enabling you to make amends speedily and at cost effective rates.

Do not have any anxious moments after we have installed a brand new roof in your home. All you need to do is ensure to keep it clean and free of debris while checking it from time to time in order to note indications of damages. Do not hesitate to call us at the earliest when you find cracks appearing on your roof or a part of the shingles broken though.

Request a free inspection and get an estimate of the costs that you would have to incur for repairs and cleaning of the gutters along with other areas of your roof. AAA Experts believe in total honesty and are determined to provide 100% satisfaction for their services. Do not feel compelled to utilize our services immediately after the inspection or assessment of your roof therefore Take your time and feel free to take a second or third opinion if you so desire. Inspection by AAA Expert roofing remains free of charge with no obligation or pressure on you to hire us instantly.

Feel free to ask for a roof inspection totally free of cost if your home has seen more than 15 years pass by.  We, at AAA expert roofing will be glad to help out.

Torch down roofing

If you want to select a flat roof or hope to install a slightly pitched one, you may opt for a torch down one. We are professionals who happen to be well versed in utilizing the ‘modified bitumen’ product for roofing needs. Rolling the product expertly is our forte thereby allowing you to remain protected throughout the rains as the torch down will remain oblivious to water damage. You will not have the harmful UV rays beating on the surface of your roof when you choose to contact us for installing this durable yet flexible roofing product.

Do not worry about its high costs when AAA Expert Roofing is in-charge. We will charge you optimally without causing you any financial distress either. You will also obtain a beautiful roof with an extended life time and no weather damage at all.

Yes! We are one of the finest roofing professionals in and around Los Angeles. We are a family operated business run by Father & son since 1992 that have been satisfying clients regularly as well. You will not go wrong by placing your trust in AAA Expert Roofing at all for we will treat you as a part of our family too. Indeed, our team comprising of the father & son duo takes pride in attending to every single job regardless of how tiny it might be.

No Roof is impossible to repair when you have us by your side either. We will ensure 100% satisfaction once we inspect the problematic area and provide you with an estimate. Remember that both the inspection as well as the estimate comes to you free of cost and we will be only too glad to apprise you about the actions required to make your roof as good as new once again.

Our Customer is truly the King and we will try our level best to provide you with a cost effective and quality solution regardless of the complexity of the repairs or the challenges of installing the roof over your building.

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