What is the time required to have a new roof installed?

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Again, it is variable. Sure, Los Angeles may not have a particularly nasty weather to contend with but the climatic conditions are sure to affect the duration of the job considerably. Be sure to have the contractor install the new roof when the weather is mild, however. From starting the job and finishing the entire

What is the cost of a brand new roof?

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There is no single answer for this query. The actual cost will depend upon the brand of the shingles you choose plus the type and grade. Do opt for a roofing expert who would be able to keep you informed about the quality products and do the installation at cost effective rates. Hiring a contractor

Is it possible to repair the roof or do I have to replace it entirely?

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Again, it will depend on the condition of the shingles. While a missing one or a damaged one can be repaired safely, it would be wise to get the roof replaced especially if you find the shingles decaying fast. The contractor employed to install it earlier may have done an inept job too making it

Do I need to have a new roof installed?

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Do ask yourself if your roof has remained in place for more than 15 years. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if your answer is in affirmative. Sure, the shingles may look undamaged yet the old ones especially that have served you well for decades did not come with the required warranty

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